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My First Day at Work

Was awesome!!

I mean, at first I was really confused and worried and nervous, but then I saw a little kid doing something he shouldn’t have been doing and something just took over me and I snapped at him to get down and suddenly all of the kids looked at me and realzied that I was working there now. I guess it’s about commanding respect while still having fun with the kids (that’s at least what my boss told me before my shift started) and goddam did I have fun.

It is weird hearing a little kid call me “Ms. Hope” and then ask me if they can go to the bathroom or whatever, but I think I’m going to get used to it.

Thus far all of my coworkers are pretty nice! My boss is angel and I love her so much already. She’s been one of my sister’s best friends for a while so she just loves me. And I have a partner I guess (at least for this week) and he’s been working as a Child Care Assistant for a while. He’s already starting to show me the ropes and we already bonded over the released set list for Coachella ( and he just seems like a crazy, fun guy.

No One, I am so excited. I really hope it isn’t just newb jitters that have me so pumped about this job.

-Hope xoxo

i went on a walk this morning too with one of my friends and i just feel productive okay

i went on a walk this morning too with one of my friends and i just feel productive okay


One Week In Paradise

This is a spoken word poem that I wrote today. Please don’t steal it or I will be upset because this is my life and my work and I will cut a bitch. Thanks. Here’s the poem:

That one week in paradise

I saw the sun shine for the first time

In months, with you.

We met in a flash of spontaneity

And I couldn’t resist

So that night I just kissed you.

My mind confused and in awe

You tasted like the vodka we’d been drinking all night

Your hands held my face and you were all I was thinking about in that one moment.

And that first night, we just kissed

That’s all I wanted. All I needed

To make me fall for you.

The days that followed were

Bright and laughter filled

We spent our one week in paradise together

Inseparable, infatuated, in love.

Your sweet laugh warmed my soul

My adventurous side showed us the world

We hardly knew each other,

But I felt like I’d known you my whole life.

When the week finally ended and our time in paradise was up

You kissed me just like that first time.

Drunken with love and happy and wanting to just keep kissing me forever.

Tears fell down my face and you laughed and kissed them away.

You held me tight in your arms one last time and

Then you let me go

Onto my next adventure and I let you go to yours.

Always remembering us and our little haven of joy

Remembering your beautiful blue eyes and how they looked at me

Remembering how you told me to smile and

Remembering how I couldn’t stop smiling when I was with you

Remembering how we learned to live in the moment together

Remembering how we were free to be who we wanted to be with each other so we were the who we always wanted to be

Remembering how different we once were but how much of the same person we are

Remembering how you told me about your pain and

Remembering how you helped me deal with mine

Remembering how you told me that it was okay to love again

Even if it was just for a week

A week in paradise.

That was the poem. I hope you liked it. Please leave any comments or suggestions or whatever in the comments and I love you very much.

-Hope xoxo

Friendship and Birthdays

Today was my dear friend, K’s, birthday party. Now to begin with, K is one of the best people I have ever known.

Me and K at my high school graduation in June :)

K and I at my high school graduation in June 🙂

She has always been a kind, loving, creative, and fun friend and the other day she turned 17. She and I have known each other since 6th grade, but we hadn’t been good friends until I was about 16 and she was 15.

She is my sister.

She knows so much about me and I know so much about her. We have a lot in common, but also not a lot which definitely keeps our friendship interesting. I basically love her a hella lot and wouldn’t be who I am without her. She’s helped me grow so much and I’d like to think that I’ve helped her grow too.

As for the rest of the party, it was so lovely to see everyone. The majority of the group was from my creative writing class that I took and helped lead in my junior and senior year of high school. It was almost like a reunion.

Seeing everyone was incredibly fun and brought back so many great memories. Tonight we even made some memories. At one point, half of the party sat on the trampoline and just asked each other questions. At another point, we all played Cards Against Humanity and realized that we are all hilariously awful people.

One of the artists in the group, H, gave K this as her birthday present-

Isn't it adorable? I'm the bottom left character.

Isn’t it adorable? I’m the bottom left character.

And beautiful shit like this just makes me realize how blessed I was and am to have had such amazing and creative friends in high school. These people love and support me so much and I don’t know what I’d be without them.

I’m sorry for bragging, No One, it’s just the only thing on my mind.

-Hope xoxo

My Labor Day Weekend

I certainly had an interesting weekend. Shall i share with you the things I learned? Yes? Okay, if you insist:

  • When a cute guy comes up to you and tells you he knows you from junior high school, TALK TO HIM. 
  • Always take your funnest friend with you to places that might not be fun because they will be fun with her.
  • White wine is delicious
  • Bad alcohol is dangerous
  • Hangovers are basically the worst thing ever 
  • Don’t sit in the student section of a football game if it is in the sun 
  • Talk to the people around you at college events, chances are they’ll be fun and interesting 
  • I love small dogs 
  • Sleep aromatherapy is very effective if done correctly
  • Benedict Cumberbatch’s voice is intensely soothing and melodic 
  • Falling off of a longboard sucks 
  • Sleeping in til 11 is great 
  • Buy donuts the night before and have a delicious treat in the morning with your coffee 
  • Margaret Atwood is the most bad ass and evocitive short story writer I have read in a long while 
  • People change for the better more often than not
  • Good friends will be determined to stay in your life even if their life is moving past you 
  • And finally, vlogging is an excellent way of documenting your time with people

So that’s what I learned this weekend, No One. If anyone actually reads this and wants me to go in depth about the stories behind one or two of these, drop a comment down below and I’ll explain. 

Until tomorrow, No One. 


-Hope xoxo

The SDSU vs. NAU football game with my best friend, M.

The SDSU vs. NAU football game with my best friend, M.


An Attempt to Go Down In Flames

Seeing as I only have about five weeks of school left before graduaion, I have made a resolution. I am going to piss off as many teachers as possible. Now before anyone comes crying about how hard teachers work and how they don’t need me to come in and ruin their last weeks of school too, don’t worry. I seek only to annoy. I love my teachers so much, in fact  one of the greatest inspirations in my life has been my English teacher, Mrs. Black* (name canged cuz I’m not an asshat). I even want to become a teacher! The things I want to do will hopefully help them remember me when I leave them. An attempt to go down in flames, if you will.

Since I’ve calmed you down, do you want to know my ideas? They’re pretty stupid ideas, but I think they’re funny.

1. Write as much of my homework in glitter pen, preferrably pink.

2. Don’t wear shoes inside.

3. Bring mug of tea to class and just slurp it down.

4. Change accents whist speaking.

5. Whisper “In bed” after a teacher is done lecturing

Those are my top five right now, I’ll probaly add more as time goes on, but I am beyond excited. Perhaps, I’m just a huge weenie and find humor in the dumbest of things, but who gives a fuck? This is funny stuff. As long as I find it funny, that’s what is important. After all, the only person in life I really have to make happy is me.

“Well, that escalated quickly! No really, that got out of hand fast!”

Oh Anchorman, how I love thee.