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Christmas Time is Here. Duh.


I am so beyond pumped for Christmas day but alas I still have so much finishing of gifts to do and brownies to bake and gifts to wrap and and and- there’s a lot. My schedule is going to be a little packed for the next few days but hopefully I’ll be able to post something. Sorry that I didn’t post for the past three/ four days. I’ve just been running around like a chicken with its head cut off. Probably be posting a poem later tonight so look forward to that. I love you all so so much, No One.

Until tonight!

-Hope xoxo

Gotta get that shameless self promo.



What in the actual fuck, I hit 75 followers today while I was out gambling my money away? Thank you, No One, that’s really cool that 75 of you are following my life with me. I really appreciate it. When I first decided to come back to this blog in May, I just wanted somewhere to write and rant about my problems and I never thought that people would actually want to read it. So thanks for reading and stay awesome as usual, my friends. If we ever get to 100, I’m entirely sure what I’ll do but I’m sure it’ll probably involve a heart attack and tears.

-Hope xoxo

me right not, typing this, thinking about all 75 of you!!

me right not, typing this, thinking about all 75 of you!!


Well, I sorta failed at posting more. I can’t believe it’s been almost two months since I last blogged. And that blog was about how I was going to blog more! I’m the world’s biggest fail. Oh well. Only a few things have happened since then though. Here I’ll make a simple bulleted list to prove to you how simple my life has been:

  • said goodbye to one of my best friends since junior high 
  • cut off 14 inches of hair 
  • started another novel
  • traveled to two continents that I’ve never been to
  • visited ten cities that I had never previously been to
  • fell head over heels for a Canadian boy who I’ll likely never see again
  • made friends with a whole bunch of foreign teens who I love but again will probably never see again 
  • went to New Student Orientation for university 
  • became friends with a lovely young man who is just amazing and agh 
  • got pneumonia 
  • said goodbye to more friends 
  • started up my YouTube channel again but with better editing and more confidence in what I want from it 
  • dealt with family 
  • got a laptop 

So yes. I’ve been a but busy. 

But the beginning of university activities start tomorrow and I am determined to write them down and keep track of what the fuck is going on in my life.

So yes, thanks for sticking around if you did and I promise I will be posting more, my No One. Until my next post, enjoy this song that I can’t get out of my head. And my favorite selfie from my trip to Europe (taken in Santorini, Greece). IMG_0777_2

An Attempt to Go Down In Flames

Seeing as I only have about five weeks of school left before graduaion, I have made a resolution. I am going to piss off as many teachers as possible. Now before anyone comes crying about how hard teachers work and how they don’t need me to come in and ruin their last weeks of school too, don’t worry. I seek only to annoy. I love my teachers so much, in fact  one of the greatest inspirations in my life has been my English teacher, Mrs. Black* (name canged cuz I’m not an asshat). I even want to become a teacher! The things I want to do will hopefully help them remember me when I leave them. An attempt to go down in flames, if you will.

Since I’ve calmed you down, do you want to know my ideas? They’re pretty stupid ideas, but I think they’re funny.

1. Write as much of my homework in glitter pen, preferrably pink.

2. Don’t wear shoes inside.

3. Bring mug of tea to class and just slurp it down.

4. Change accents whist speaking.

5. Whisper “In bed” after a teacher is done lecturing

Those are my top five right now, I’ll probaly add more as time goes on, but I am beyond excited. Perhaps, I’m just a huge weenie and find humor in the dumbest of things, but who gives a fuck? This is funny stuff. As long as I find it funny, that’s what is important. After all, the only person in life I really have to make happy is me.

“Well, that escalated quickly! No really, that got out of hand fast!”

Oh Anchorman, how I love thee.