Monthly Archives: June 2014

I’m back.

Weoo, I’d like to apologize. I took a very unexpected break for what? A month? And I’m very sorry about that. So much has been going on, No One, it’s crazy to keep track of it all. Remember that boy I told you about after the AP test? Yeah he’s back in my life. No idea where that is going. Graduated high school. That was fun and emotional and good. I’ve gone to a lot of parties also fun and good. Not that emotional. Developing stress induced narcolepsy. Got that going for me. Haven’t written my book in weeks. Been reading a lot though. That’s fun. It’s just been such a busy time and I’m sorry I neglected this thing people call a blog.
I’m going to get back at it though. I promise. I’ll try to post something of more substance later today. Have a goo day until then!

-Hope xoxo