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A Disturbing Rap About Rape

Notice how it doesn’t rhyme but instead I did a reverse sestina but only using five words instead of six. It’s kind of bitching. Enjoy, No One.

“Bad Day”


Some Days I don’t think about

You and what you did to

Me. Those days are the good

Ones, but today I can’t

Stop the tears and the hate that I feel toward

Some of the things

You made

Me do. I can each tear roll down my face

One by one- I guess I deserve it, I never said

Stop but I never said yes and

Some times I blame myself but

You did this to

Me. I’m ruined now an unfortunate life, an unfortunate

One lot I’ve been given so just

Stop acting like

Some of the things

You said weren’t intended for

Me. You said I was the

One, but baby just

Stop. We both know you wanted

Some things I wasn’t willing to give so

You hated

Me, resented me for the

One thing I stood for so just

Stop playing the victim


We both know that’s me.



So there’s that. Don’t hate me.