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I feel like I’ve accidentally turned into a Bed and Breakfast. Yesterday, I came home after work and a dentist appointment and my lovely boyfriend had spent the day lounging about my house, eating, showering, watching Netflix, and relaxing. I was more than elated to see him even if had made me giggle a little bit that he’d been relaxing in my house, by himself all day.

Last night, he couldn’t spend the night again and me, fearing the dark and being alone, invited my friend to spend the night. We had spaghetti and drank wine and caught up on life because we hadn’t seen each other since early January, but then I left this morning after having made her coffee, given her doughnuts, cleaning the bathtub so she could use a bath bomb and relax, and leaving a key for her to lock the door behind her.

Again, the idea that she’s at my house just relaxing enjoying her morning makes me giggle a little bit and feel only a little weird, but this girl has been my friend for years so I trust her and I know she’s not gonna burn the house down.

Even still, it’s an odd and funny situation that I’ve deeply enjoyed and gotten some joy out of.

Who knows? Maybe this is who I should’ve been all along! Just a Bed and Breakfast host. I bet I’d make fucking bank.


Relaxed and Daydreaming

Today I feel relaxed. I genuinely do. That’s not an easy thing for me to feel lately, so that’s why I feel like it’s note worthy. I relaxed all day at my friend’s house after I’d done some chores around my house and then I fell asleep next to my love and woke up with him beside me.

It’s the little things like that I suppose, but I just feel so rested and so loved and so relaxed. It’s like that’s what weekends are for or something.

It gets so hard for me to shut my brain off, but yesterday it felt like I did. I did laundry, did some dishes, washed my sheets (one of my favorite things, mind you), bought myself a new Betsy Johnson backpack, got a birthday present for a friend, dusted, and I did all while smiling and feeling calm. Like I said, I’m so surprised by how happy and relaxed I am today! A Monday of all days!

Work has given me stuff to do, as well, to keep my hands busy enough for my mind to wander and it just wanders back to what a lovely day yesterday was which keeps me smiling and pleased.
I always wish I could be home with my love, all wrapped up in each other, but for now I can just daydream about it alongside how lovely Sunday was. That’s good enough for me.  

Road Trips

One of my favorite things in the world is just taking a road trip with some cool people and that’s what I did today. My aunt, uncle, three cousins, and I drove from San Diego (where I live) all the way over to Laughlin, Nevada for some TLC on the river in a nice, yet inexpensive hotel.

The six hour drive honestly wasn’t all that bad. My cousin has a mobile hotspot so I got to sit and play on my computer or read Sense and Sensibilityor listen to some music or talk to my cousins or whatever. It was so incredibly laid back and an easy drive.

As for Laughlin itself, it’s not a bad place, but I’m honestly here mostly to get away from my immediate family. I love my parents, but it’s hard to be around them when Hannah isn’t home.

-Hope xoxo

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A day without laughter is a day wasted.”

-Charlie Chaplin

Feeling Open

Obviously I tell you, No One, a lot about my life, but I think one thing that you might not understand is that I just don’t REALLY open up all that much with my friends. Best friends, sure, but it takes a lot to get me to talk and that’s how I like it.

But tonight I hung out with A and her boyfriend and I really felt like I could be open with them so I was and they were open right back. A has shared a lot with me in the past, but I don’t know if I’ve ever truly compensated until tonight which was both refreshing and relieving in a sense.

Just generally I had a really great night with those two. They hardly ever make me feel like the third wheel (and if they do, I know it’s on accident) and we’re just always laughing and enjoying each other’s simple company. I love every second, No One, I really do.

I hope you had a great day and evening. My eyelids are getting heavy so I’m gonna go to bed, but I’ll talk to you tomorrow. ❤

-Hope xoxo

my cabbages

Tired, Busy, but Happy

I really am all three.

Tired because I haven’t been getting as much sleep as I should have.

Busy because my entire life right now is school, work, band, and homework. I’ve barely been getting any down time, which I guess I should work on changing.

But yet, I’m really happy. A little stressed out, sure, but when I sleep I sleep hard and when I’m awake I have Starbucks and when I’m busy I don’t have time to be upset about the little things that might otherwise bother me.

I hope you had a great day, No One. I love you very very much.

-Hope xoxo


There is nothing like staying at home for real comfort.”

-Jane Austen

Excited to Be Going Back “Home”

Today was my last day subbing at another elementary school (for my job) and while I’m sad to leave the little kiddos that I was just starting to get to know, I am so fucking excited to go back to my “home” school. While yes, I still have to work with the douchebag that broke my sister’s heart, I will be able to see MY kids.

Yes I know I am not their actual mom, and no I don’t want to be. But after a while, you can’t help but love ’em. Just a couple of them at least. That and I get to go back to some of my favorite people, my coworkers there, and just generally be back at my happy place. It’s been really great having more responsibility and working with such younger kids, but I’m ready to go back to my normal schedule! I wouldn’t mind continuing my longer days, as long as I got to say at my “home.”

In other news, A, Hannah, and I went to dinner tonight which was awesome and delicious at A’s work (Islands). And now I’ve just been sitting in bed, working on homework and other little side projects here and there. Today has just been such a long day, No One. I worked 5 1/2 hours (which is a lot for me, so hush), went to class for two hours, ran 1.2 miles (I KNOW RIGHT, IDK WHAT CAME OVER ME, BUT I WANTED TO RUN SO I DID AND IT WAS GREAT), went out to dinner, and now I’m working on homework and it’s 11 o’clock at night! I’m fucking tired! XD

I hope y’all can empathize or sympathize, No One. I hope you’re having a great day! 🙂

-Hope xoxo

P.S. This is just a cute little video from one of my favorite artsy, comedic, quirky youtubers.



No, no not that feeling of stagnant life and boredom. I mean, the actual paper, pens, and clips kinda stationary! I went and bought a whole bunch today after work and before rehearsal and holy it is awesome! I literally can’t get over how beautiful all of it is and I’m also kind of embarrassed by how excited I am over some paper, binders, and sticky notes. But FUCK IT, I’M AN ADULT LET ME HAPPY.

Furthermore, my happiness was also increased today when I got an A- on an English paper, when my boss came to work today and we got to hang out and talk, when A and I practiced “Thinking Out Loud” together after our other rehearsal and it sounded pretty decent, AND when I just finished my homework like two minutes ago.

Today has been a very productive and happy day to say the least.

Oh and I also donated a whole bunch of stuff to GoodWill and registered my Starbucks card online so now I’m officially a member of their rewards program! Woo hoo! AND I picked the winners for my poem giveaway (inspired4business and ThatsAweSam)!

I just feel great today, No One, I really do, which is such a nice change from my typical feelings of perhaps apathy or longing for friendships that are unavailable to me at the present moment.

Yes I miss Bobby and Emma and Caleb, but not as much as I usually do today. In fact, today I miss Caleb the most or at least I’ve been thinking about him the most, just because I miss him and I want to tell him about my awful date on Friday. But we’re planning on Skyping tomorrow so I really can’t even complain.

I hope your day was awesome, No One. I really was. And I hope that our tomorrows are even better. 🙂

-Hope xoxo


We lived our lives in happy denial of the worst possibilities. Every time I got in a car, I bet I would not die in an accident, but everyday someone else thinking the same thing was left a lifeless corpse at a crash site. Shit happens, sometimes for no reason at all.”

-Jennette Fulda