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Super Exciting Stuff

Today has just been filled with absolute excitement from the beginning. First, my laptop crashed last night, so I’m taking it to Best Buy today after work. Woo. Party.

Second, work was busy in the morning and now quiet in the afternoon so I’ve blazed a fiery trail through some paperwork and filing to help a coworker. Crazy. Fucking. Shit.

Third, I finished my Netflix show I’ve been binge watching (Bates Motel) accidentally so I’ve been researching what show to start next. Riveting conversational points. I know.

Finally, I might go over to the new comic book store after work and get a new comic book to read at work tomorrow. Insanity.

It’s been a bit of an uneventful day, as you can tell (unless my sarcasm is too thick for you), which is both a good thing and well a boring thing.

I got some really great advice, however, when I went to visit my Grandma yesterday after work. She said in reference to me picking up a new hobby, “Well, you just gotta do it, Hope, if it’s what you want to do.” Thanks, Shia LeBouf Grandma. Thanks.


-Hope xoxo



No, no not that feeling of stagnant life and boredom. I mean, the actual paper, pens, and clips kinda stationary! I went and bought a whole bunch today after work and before rehearsal and holy it is awesome! I literally can’t get over how beautiful all of it is and I’m also kind of embarrassed by how excited I am over some paper, binders, and sticky notes. But FUCK IT, I’M AN ADULT LET ME HAPPY.

Furthermore, my happiness was also increased today when I got an A- on an English paper, when my boss came to work today and we got to hang out and talk, when A and I practiced “Thinking Out Loud” together after our other rehearsal and it sounded pretty decent, AND when I just finished my homework like two minutes ago.

Today has been a very productive and happy day to say the least.

Oh and I also donated a whole bunch of stuff to GoodWill and registered my Starbucks card online so now I’m officially a member of their rewards program! Woo hoo! AND I picked the winners for my poem giveaway (inspired4business and ThatsAweSam)!

I just feel great today, No One, I really do, which is such a nice change from my typical feelings of perhaps apathy or longing for friendships that are unavailable to me at the present moment.

Yes I miss Bobby and Emma and Caleb, but not as much as I usually do today. In fact, today I miss Caleb the most or at least I’ve been thinking about him the most, just because I miss him and I want to tell him about my awful date on Friday. But we’re planning on Skyping tomorrow so I really can’t even complain.

I hope your day was awesome, No One. I really was. And I hope that our tomorrows are even better. 🙂

-Hope xoxo


One good thing about music, when it hits you, you feel no pain.”

-Bob Marley

Busy and Good Day

Today was (you guessed it) a busy and good day. Going to school all day was great and I learned a lot about parallaxes and Restoration period comedies which was awesome, but then right afterward I had to go to work which was again just fine just tiring.

But now I am happy and I have some alcohol running through my veins and Louis C. K. chattering away into my ears, so I really can’t complain.

But I am SO ready for tomorrow! Beach with barista, payday, movie day at work, and then one of my friend’s is performing tomorrow night so I’m gonna watch! And then on top of it all it is Bobby and Jon’s birthday! So hopefully I’ll get to talk to both of them which is wonderful and I’m so happy to be able to celebrate yet another year of being together with those two beautiful men in my life.

So yes, I’m just in a good mood, No One. Even if I’m really fucking tired.

-Hope xoxo

me right now though

me right now though

Babies should be classified as an antidepressant. It’s pretty hard to be in a bad mood around a 5-month-old baby.”

-Jim Gaffigan

Being Contracted

Today I got contracted at work, which is kind of a big deal at my work. A lot of people when they start working for the after school program come on as “Long term subs,” and people only graduate to “contracted” after they’ve proved they’re pretty good at their jobs. They’re guaranteed the same amount of hours as a part of a “contract” and it’s pretty fucking awesome!!

My boss honestly loves me which makes me feel great and my kids (although they’re kind of terrified of me) love me too which makes my day every fucking day.

Additionally today was awesome because I got to babysit the little kid that I’ve been watching since he was about four months (I babysat him on Sunday) and he was surprisingly good and happy to be with me. We read the Lorax and told each other about our days and he’s just turning into quite the little person and I love it as much as I love him.

Now, after a long day of running around at school and work, I’m sitting in bed, drinking tea, and listening to some music and I’m just in a good mood, No One.

-Hope xoxo

happy dance

Good Day

Today was honestly a good day, so instead of the usual rant I think I might just list all the good and awesome things that happened if that’s okay with you. Oh it’s not? Too fucking bad.

  • I got to sleep in
  • My hair and makeup was on fleek
  • I felt generally cute
  • I made friends and talked to people in my English class instead of not talking to anyone
  • The kids at work weren’t too bad today
  • I kinda got promoted in a way which is really bad ass
  • My coworker and I went out to frozen yogurt after work and listened to Ed Sheeran the whole fucking time
  • I got to wear a cute outfit to rehearsal
  • Rehearsal went well
  • My friends at the studio were really funny and were all in a good mood
  • I had a good dinner when I got home
  • My tea tasted delicious as usual today
  • And now I’m blogging, one of my favorite things, in bed

So yeah, today was a pretty fucking good day. I hope your day was awesome too, No One.

-Hope xoxo


In spite of everything I still believe that people are really good at heart.”

-Anne Frank

Homework and Feeling Good

While today I am mildly overwhelmed by the sheer amount of work that I must finish tonight, I am feeling happy and I feel that this little feeling is note worthy.

I’d had a pretty normal, relaxing morning and while I hadn’t finished some of my reading for my English class I wasn’t too anxious or worried about it. Upon going to class I fell in love all over again with my Shakespeare’s sonnets as we studied some of them and then Doctor Faustus. After that lovely class, I went to work (got there early, mind you) and had a pretty normal and chilled out day with my coworkers and the kids that we watch. After work I came home and worked on some homework before going to rehearsal and while I worked on homework and during some of rehearsal I texted Bobby back and forth and caught up, which is always nice. Naturally I’d like a phone call more, but today I didn’t mind too much and was just happy that we got to talk for as long as we did.

Now I’m home and have been working on homework since I got home from rehearsal and I’m almost done, I just need to finish up my Religious Studies journal, then I can go to bed.

I hope you had a beautiful day, No One, I really do. Recently I have come to really appreciate days like today when I find myself smiling at nothing and just having a good time with the good people that I’m with. I hope you can appreciate your day as well.

-Hope xoxo

My Labor Day Weekend

I certainly had an interesting weekend. Shall i share with you the things I learned? Yes? Okay, if you insist:

  • When a cute guy comes up to you and tells you he knows you from junior high school, TALK TO HIM. 
  • Always take your funnest friend with you to places that might not be fun because they will be fun with her.
  • White wine is delicious
  • Bad alcohol is dangerous
  • Hangovers are basically the worst thing ever 
  • Don’t sit in the student section of a football game if it is in the sun 
  • Talk to the people around you at college events, chances are they’ll be fun and interesting 
  • I love small dogs 
  • Sleep aromatherapy is very effective if done correctly
  • Benedict Cumberbatch’s voice is intensely soothing and melodic 
  • Falling off of a longboard sucks 
  • Sleeping in til 11 is great 
  • Buy donuts the night before and have a delicious treat in the morning with your coffee 
  • Margaret Atwood is the most bad ass and evocitive short story writer I have read in a long while 
  • People change for the better more often than not
  • Good friends will be determined to stay in your life even if their life is moving past you 
  • And finally, vlogging is an excellent way of documenting your time with people

So that’s what I learned this weekend, No One. If anyone actually reads this and wants me to go in depth about the stories behind one or two of these, drop a comment down below and I’ll explain. 

Until tomorrow, No One. 


-Hope xoxo

The SDSU vs. NAU football game with my best friend, M.

The SDSU vs. NAU football game with my best friend, M.