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Thomas Edison’s last words were ‘It’s very beautiful over there’. I don’t know where there is, but I believe it’s somewhere, and I hope it’s beautiful.”

-John Green



As a proud Catholic, I heavily believe in the sacrament of baptism especially when children are younger so as to start their lives rooted in Christ. Obviously, not a lot of people think this way (i.e. the Reformation and the separation of the Catholic Church and the Protestant “rebels”) and that is totally fine by me. But when there are people in my life who believe in things like this, I can’t help but feel emotionally and spiritually connected to them through our common, shared beliefs.

Today was my sister’s best friend’s daughter’s baptism, or you could just say my niece’s baptism. B (Hannah’s best friend) has been our kindred spirit since they were still in high school and ASB together and B has since asked Hannah to be her daughter’s godmother.

Being close to both B and Hannah, I was overwhelmed with pure joy at the thought that this little angel that entered my life three months ago would be raised in the same beliefs that I was, Hannah was, and B was. And so today was her beautiful baptism.

Screen Shot 2015-02-15 at 10.19.40 PMScreen Shot 2015-02-15 at 10.19.47 PM

On top of all of this, B declared me “Auntie Hope” today in front of her baby, my family, and her family. It took everything for me not to cry, No One XD I’m just so happy and blessed to have such beautiful ladies in my life, who understand, know, and love me as much as B and Hannah do even if I don’t give them as much credit as they deserve all of the time.

-Hope xoxo

To the Moon

Dear Maan,

Dear Gumala,

Dear Ay,

Dear Mwezi,

Dear Luna,

Dear Moon,

Can I just start my saying,



And thank you for being here

Or up there

And listening to me ramble on about you

Trying to find the words to describe you

And taking words from other languages to try to do justice to your name.


Because you are beautiful

In everything that you are

And everything that you do.


You immaculate piece of Earth’s own flesh

Circling us like a hawk in the sky

You remain at an arm’s length

Not because you can’t move any closer

But because that place that you reside in

Keeps the delicate balance of our potential gravitational ballet from falling.


My Moon, my love, my muse,

You give us and me everything we need.

Waters crashing on the beach, tides kept in a peaceful ebb and flow

Light at night when the Sun visits others.


You are the company I keep when I am alone in the dark.

And I don’t know why you chose pity on us,

Tiny insects who teach their children that you’re made out of cheese.

A bit of a random one, I know, but my God do I love the Moon.

In other news, I’m sick today and had to cancel the plans that I had and instead resorted to going to dinner with my parents at a buffet and eating way too much and feeling a new kind of sick all over again.

I hope you had a beautiful day, No One. I love you very much.

-Hope xoxo

moon dope moon

Homework and Feeling Good

While today I am mildly overwhelmed by the sheer amount of work that I must finish tonight, I am feeling happy and I feel that this little feeling is note worthy.

I’d had a pretty normal, relaxing morning and while I hadn’t finished some of my reading for my English class I wasn’t too anxious or worried about it. Upon going to class I fell in love all over again with my Shakespeare’s sonnets as we studied some of them and then Doctor Faustus. After that lovely class, I went to work (got there early, mind you) and had a pretty normal and chilled out day with my coworkers and the kids that we watch. After work I came home and worked on some homework before going to rehearsal and while I worked on homework and during some of rehearsal I texted Bobby back and forth and caught up, which is always nice. Naturally I’d like a phone call more, but today I didn’t mind too much and was just happy that we got to talk for as long as we did.

Now I’m home and have been working on homework since I got home from rehearsal and I’m almost done, I just need to finish up my Religious Studies journal, then I can go to bed.

I hope you had a beautiful day, No One, I really do. Recently I have come to really appreciate days like today when I find myself smiling at nothing and just having a good time with the good people that I’m with. I hope you can appreciate your day as well.

-Hope xoxo

Christmas Scents

This is a poem written by me. Don’t steal it or I will be very pissed off. Thank you and I hope you enjoy the nostaglia I was feeling this morning.

Wafting through the air

I am assaulted by the smell of delicious cravings

Chocolate chip cookies baked by Bobby


Lemon bars laboriously brewed by my sister


Fresh peppermint bark that tantalizes my senses

And fills me with hunger and sugary delight


Then laying stagnant in the air

Our tree reminds me of a far off pine forest

That was once its home

Creating a nostalgia for a place I’ve never known


Christmases past were the scent of pine filled those energy wrought mornings

That I remember so fondly from my childhood


Then drifting hazily over it all

A hint of firewood burning accents the atmosphere


Brings warmth to my heart as I sit by the fireplace in thought


Pulls me back to cold winter nights when we all sat by the fire

Drinking hot chocolate and watching Christmas movies


Reminds me of times long past

When everything was much simpler


When everything smelled so beautiful.



-Hope xoxo


Here in “Sun” Diego, the Sun is hiding behind quite the large sum of clouds. Honestly, it just looks like a big fluffy comforter of clouds just hanging above the hills.

While most of the time I don’t particularly like dark days (because well, the Sun isn’t out and I live in San Diego just for that reason), today I’m actually enjoying the gray and the cold. It’s practically refreshing compared to the hot and humid days we were experiencing over the summer and even into late September and early October.

Plus, when the weather is like this and the Sun peeks out from behind the clouds or a spot of blue sky is visible for a split second, it forces me to stop and appreciate the sky. Forces me to take note of the otherwise ordinary and appreciate it for what it is.


-Hope xoxo

The view from a window near me.

The view from a window near me.

A Good Quote

There are two great days in a person’s life – the day we are born and the day we discover why.”

-William Barclay