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To the Moon

Dear Maan,

Dear Gumala,

Dear Ay,

Dear Mwezi,

Dear Luna,

Dear Moon,

Can I just start my saying,



And thank you for being here

Or up there

And listening to me ramble on about you

Trying to find the words to describe you

AndΒ taking words from other languages to try to do justice to your name.


Because you are beautiful

In everything that you are

And everything that you do.


You immaculate piece of Earth’s own flesh

Circling us like a hawk in the sky

You remain at an arm’s length

Not because you can’t move any closer

But because that place that you reside in

Keeps the delicate balance of our potential gravitational ballet from falling.


My Moon, my love, my muse,

You give us and me everything we need.

Waters crashing on the beach, tides kept in a peaceful ebb and flow

Light at night when the Sun visits others.


You are the company I keep when I am alone in the dark.

And I don’t know why you chose pity on us,

Tiny insects who teach their children that you’re made out of cheese.

A bit of a random one, I know, but my God do I love the Moon.

In other news, I’m sick today and had to cancel the plans that I had and instead resorted to going to dinner with my parents at a buffet and eating way too much and feeling a new kind of sick all over again.

I hope you had a beautiful day, No One. I love you very much.

-Hope xoxo

moon dope moon