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3 to 2 | A Poem for inspired4business

Sit down

Open your laptop

The black keys are familiar.


Get on the Internet

New Post

Now it’s time to write

Now it’s time for your fingers to fly

Dashing away, trying to get every breath down

Writing, expressing, living through your words


I don’t write because someone has told me to

Because someone challenged me to

Because it simply makes me look a certain way

I write,



Take note

In order to comprehend the complexities of my own mind.


My mind is a three dimensional space of chaos

Putting pen to paper,

Fingers to keys,

My mind to others,

Forces me to lay everything out linearly,


Two dimensionally.


It’s a type of therapy

Or a type of drug,

I can’t decide.

All I know is

I write to comprehend me

And I wouldn’t be able to without it

So I’m not going to stop anytime soon



-Hope xoxo

Thank y’all so so much for reading this little poem. This one is for inspired4business, or Steve, who gave me the idea to write about what inspires me to write. I sorta changed it to why I write, but hey sometimes that happens. I love you all so so much, and I’m sorry for the later post. Have a beautiful day, I’ll talk to you tonight.


Interesting Thoughts

People are intensely interesting to me. It’s amazing how much someone can change. Aand it’s disturbing how little someone can change. People’s common interests are somehow binding forces that start friendships and intimate relationships, but never the other way aroudn. Why wouldn’t you be more interested in someone who has completely different interests than you? You could gain so much more knowledge that way. Yet man continues to limit his own understanding of self and the world around him by confining himself to people who agree with only his beliefs, who know the same skills, who feel the same way.

It doesn’t make any sense.

Isn’t our purpose here to expand and grow? Wouldn’t a diverse company we keep aid us even more so in that endeavor? So tell me why Christians hang out with pretty solely Christians, writers converse mainly with other writers, diplomats debate with other diplomats?

How the fuck does that make any sense?