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Taking Criticism and Running With It

Recently, I gave my novel to a professor who I admire very much so that he could read it over and give me feedback. When he finally did, the feedback was well in quantity and at first had me very beaten down, No One. If you’ve been here since then, then you know what I mean. If you are newer, here is a link to that blogpost ( ). I’ve learned a lot about myself and being a writer through this one review of my novel and it has really helped me progress in my novel.

Now I wanted to show you guys how I took his advice and ran with it. Come along with me! 😀

Critique 1: A lot of my characters are stereotypical and lacking depth.

How I Fixed It: I’ve examined the gender roles and stereotypes that I (and society) had originally allocated to each character and broke them down. Deciding which trait or characteristics I would and WHY. Everything about each character now serves a purpose.

Critique 2: Well, of course she ends up with him. It’s a bit too obvious.

How I Fixed It: (trying not to give anything away, mind you) She doesn’t end up with him even though it looks that way because of her newly developed ande defined characteristic that span across both stereotypical male and female stereotypes.

Critique 3: This certain name means something entirely different from what I think you want it to mean.

How I Fixed It: Spent many hours of and found a far better name.

Critique 4:  You haven’t gotten to the main plot line in under 50 pages.

How I Fixed It: (still working on this one, but) Deleted a whole chapter and wove what that one chapter was trying to do and say into a few paragraphs in the next chapter.

So there. I did a thing, got critiqued on the thing, then fixed the thing. Obviously this is just the second version of HALF of a novel so I still have a far way to go and much to learn, but I thought I should share what I’ve learned thus far with you all.

-Hope xoxo


Understand Me?

So, No One, I have a problem. I have zero qualms about sharing pretty much my entire life with you. My thoughts, feelings, creative expressions, misdeeds, misfortunes? You know the biggies.

But today I just turned in a poem that I wrote to my creative writing class for workshop and review and HOLY SHIT I REALLY WISH I DIDN’T BECAUSE I’M NERVOUS AND I DON’T WANT THEM TO THINK I SUCK.

I mean like, I’m baller at poetry. I know I am. I’ve had like eight or nine poems published already and I’m only 18! But turning a poem in for review by my peers and people way smarter than me has me crippled with fear. I just hope they like it and that they’ll help me to get better and they’ll understand where I am coming from!

Understanding. I want them to be understanding and helpful. That’s it.

-Hope xoxo