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A Summer of Writing

Hello, No One. Again, it’s been a while.

I think finally I’ve understood something that has been preventing me from returning to you – I can not possibly tell you everything that has happened since we last sat down and wrote to each other. It’s absolutely ludicrous to think that maybe if I sat here for long enough I could manage to get it all out, but it’s impossible. There’s no way you can ever know every single little thing about me and my backstory and where I came from and who I am.

So instead, I’ve agreed to start writing again (for a slew of reasons) under the one condition that I’ll explain the big stuff in detail as we go, as it comes up, and as I see necessary. Otherwise, why bother? The only thing it will serve to do is make my fingers hurt more and your eyes strain more.

So I’m writing again. Because? Well, I need something to do. My new job I sit at a desk for hours a day, not doing much so why not be practicing something I used to love and do every day instead of staring off into space. Additionally, my mental health is again at the point that I want to talk about things to someone, anyone, and well you, No One. But my guilt complex continually gets in the way of talking to real people about my problems and my struggles because I don’t want to bore or bother them with my nonsensical ravings as the different parts of my personality try to hash things out between themselves.

No, I’m not bipolar, I’m just figuring things out.

Thanks for reading.


In all it’s clichéd dramatics

I love you with my heart

And your’s ignites my soul.


The messy conversations

And broken flirtations

You complex piece of humanity

We’ll drive each other to insanity!


With the simplicity of

Our wild, dumb love

And our abandon of wants

During our lovely renaissance.

Christmas Time is Here. Duh.


I am so beyond pumped for Christmas day but alas I still have so much finishing of gifts to do and brownies to bake and gifts to wrap and and and- there’s a lot. My schedule is going to be a little packed for the next few days but hopefully I’ll be able to post something. Sorry that I didn’t post for the past three/ four days. I’ve just been running around like a chicken with its head cut off. Probably be posting a poem later tonight so look forward to that. I love you all so so much, No One.

Until tonight!

-Hope xoxo

Gotta get that shameless self promo.

But sleep

So many things I need to blog about. But first, sleep. I’ll tell you all about it in the morning, No One. Good night, sleep tight.

-Hope xoxo