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Accidentally Offensive.

Confession time, No One,

I’m can be quite offensive to the completely politically correct crowd.

Some people would normally say, “Oh Hope, you can’t please everyone! Don’t worry about it!” But typically the politically correct crowd has become my new friends in college and whenever I drop an accidentally offensive term, suddenly I feel like rightful shit. More predominately, I am embarassed by my brought up language that I learned throughout junior high and high school.

Honestly, it’s always on accident. I know that how I learned to swear growing up is offensive. I know that! But when I get comfortable around people, that shit just slips out.

I hoenstly don’t know what to do about or how to fix it because I’m so tired of offending my friends and being a mean and giving the appearance of any type of untrue feelings or thoughts.

Do you ever experience this too, No One? Please help me out.

-Hope xoxo

#ISupportJohnGreen / mini Nerdfigheria thingy

#ISupportJohnGreen / mini Nerdfigheria thingy