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A Sprained Wrist and $45

So yes, I’ve had an eventful weekend, No One. I’m sorry that it wasn’t until now that I’ve gotten the chance to catch you all up on it. So let’s start with work on Friday.

I tripped. There’s this curb at work that literally so many kids trip over all of the time and on Friday I tripped over it. I banged up my knee pretty badly and it was bleeding so that was what was on my mind for the first half hour or so after the fall. Then I got off of work and got in the car to go to my music lesson that I always have on Friday nights and I honestly couldn’t lift my left arm up at all to turn the wheel or anything. Naturally I started to freak out, but I kept driving to my music school and when I got there I started freaking out cuz I couldn’t even open the door with my left arm. I started crying and I told my music teacher and she made me call my parents. They came and picked me up and we spent the next three hours in the emergency room where I found out that I didn’t break my arm, but that I sprained my elbow and wrist. They gave me a sling and a shit ton of Narco (a narcotic based pain reliever) for the pain and sent me on my way.

Thankfully it happened at work so workman’s comp will be paying for it and while my arm isn’t perfectly healed and it still hurts a lot, I can use it and today I drove for the first time since Friday night.

Next, I woke up Saturday morning bright and early and got my COMIC CON TICKETS FOR THIS YEAR!!!

You can imagine how fucking pumped I was when I finally got the message that yes, I had tickets and that I was definitely going again this year for ALL FOUR FUCKING DAYS!

That was probably the highlight of my weekend.

After that I spent the morning being lazy until I went to the casino with my dad and sister where I promptly lost $45 on slots. I was quite bitter to say the least. I really don’t have a lot of money and I know I should have been playing more responsibly, but I was still on some medicine for my arm and I was convinced that I was lucky because I was actually able to get COMIC CON tickets just that morning. But no, sadly I am not that lucky.

Afterward, I went out with my sister and our coworkers for the night. Hannah wanted to get another piercing last night so we went to this legit place in the mall to get her ear pierced and while yes, she did get her piercing done, she bled an awful lot, all over her shirt and jeans, and I got really freaked out because it was literally squirting blood like in the movies. Even the piercer was freaking out, saying that this has never happened before, but in the end it turned out okay and she’s fine now with a cute new earring.

The rest of the night was spent with our coworkers and that was fine enough. I love them, don’t get me wrong, but some of them can just be drama QUEENS and I fucking hate drama. So naturally when we got back to their place I did like two double shots of vodka and passed out on the couch, while they watched Burlesque (the one with Christina Aquilera and Cher). But naturally I couldn’t just drink and sleep. No no, apparently my drunk brain decided it’d be a great fucking idea to take a bunch of embarrassing snapchats and send them to my loved ones. Including Bobby, who made fun of me for it over the phone this morning during our usual Sunday phone call.

I guess that was a highlight of my weekend too – getting to talk to him. It’s both a relief talking to him and such a hard thing; I just want to see him and hold onto him, and I hate hearing about how little sleep he gets and how much he’s been having to work and all of that other bullshit that they put him through. I know it’s for the best or whatever, but it just breaks my heart.

-Hope xoxo

I'm babysitting right now and the kid's asleep so forgive the messy hair and lack of cuteness.

I’m babysitting right now and the kid’s asleep so forgive the messy hair and lack of cuteness.

P.S. I don’t support this movie and its misrepresentation of the BDSM community, but goddam do I like the sound track.


Taking Criticism and Running With It

Recently, I gave my novel to a professor who I admire very much so that he could read it over and give me feedback. When he finally did, the feedback was well in quantity and at first had me very beaten down, No One. If you’ve been here since then, then you know what I mean. If you are newer, here is a link to that blogpost ( ). I’ve learned a lot about myself and being a writer through this one review of my novel and it has really helped me progress in my novel.

Now I wanted to show you guys how I took his advice and ran with it. Come along with me! 😀

Critique 1: A lot of my characters are stereotypical and lacking depth.

How I Fixed It: I’ve examined the gender roles and stereotypes that I (and society) had originally allocated to each character and broke them down. Deciding which trait or characteristics I would and WHY. Everything about each character now serves a purpose.

Critique 2: Well, of course she ends up with him. It’s a bit too obvious.

How I Fixed It: (trying not to give anything away, mind you) She doesn’t end up with him even though it looks that way because of her newly developed ande defined characteristic that span across both stereotypical male and female stereotypes.

Critique 3: This certain name means something entirely different from what I think you want it to mean.

How I Fixed It: Spent many hours of and found a far better name.

Critique 4:  You haven’t gotten to the main plot line in under 50 pages.

How I Fixed It: (still working on this one, but) Deleted a whole chapter and wove what that one chapter was trying to do and say into a few paragraphs in the next chapter.

So there. I did a thing, got critiqued on the thing, then fixed the thing. Obviously this is just the second version of HALF of a novel so I still have a far way to go and much to learn, but I thought I should share what I’ve learned thus far with you all.

-Hope xoxo