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Relaxed and Daydreaming

Today I feel relaxed. I genuinely do. That’s not an easy thing for me to feel lately, so that’s why I feel like it’s note worthy. I relaxed all day at my friend’s house after I’d done some chores around my house and then I fell asleep next to my love and woke up with him beside me.

It’s the little things like that I suppose, but I just feel so rested and so loved and so relaxed. It’s like that’s what weekends are for or something.

It gets so hard for me to shut my brain off, but yesterday it felt like I did. I did laundry, did some dishes, washed my sheets (one of my favorite things, mind you), bought myself a new Betsy Johnson backpack, got a birthday present for a friend, dusted, and I did all while smiling and feeling calm. Like I said, I’m so surprised by how happy and relaxed I am today! A Monday of all days!

Work has given me stuff to do, as well, to keep my hands busy enough for my mind to wander and it just wanders back to what a lovely day yesterday was which keeps me smiling and pleased.
I always wish I could be home with my love, all wrapped up in each other, but for now I can just daydream about it alongside how lovely Sunday was. That’s good enough for me.  


Breaking Ribs and Taco Trucks

You guessed it! I went to a CPR Training class today! Oh y-you didn’t guess that? Oh well shit, I thought it was obvious by the title. Huh- well this is awkward now isn’t it?

Anywayy, yes! I took a CPR training class today for my job and I obviously learned a lot about CPR and and first aid and blah blah blah, but I think the most shocking thing that I learned from the class/ workshop thing was the fact that when you are doing CPR you should break a rib in the first couple of pumps otherwise you aren’t helping. The ribs are there to protect the internal organs and since you’re trying to get access to those same internal organs (namely the heart) you have to get rid of the thing covering them. Logistically, yes it makes sense. But when I had to press on a dummy and the instructor watching me told me to push with more force so as to mimic the force needed to break a rib, it fucking freaked me out! I obviously understand the importance, but I just can’t imagine breaking someone’s ANYTHING let alone their ribs when I’m just trying to help them in the first place. Just a weird thought.

And then of course, after the CPR training there was a complimentary taco truck outside that was PHENOMENAL. Like what the even heck. Who said that they could make street tacos that well?!

Additionally, the rest of my day was pretty hectic as usual. I didn’t have work today which was nice, but I did babysit the two year old that I’ve mentioned previously. Then after that I met up with a friend from my theater company back in the day (and by day, I mean last year) and caught up which was lovely then met up with ANOTHER friend and got coffee and talked for about four hours without loosing the conversation.

That friend is really a great friend and I’m really happy that we got to spend so much time together. I don’t think we’ve ever hung out for that long together by ourselves. Usually there are other people involved, but tonight was just a chance for us to chill and talk, something the two of us are good at when we get together. He and I have had our struggles with each other more than most of my other friendships, but I think those rough patches that we have experienced have only made us into better friends and better people because of it. If that makes any sense.

It was just a lovely time and I had a lovely evening and a lovely day even if I got up earlier than I wanted to. But today was good and I am so fucking grateful for that. And hopefully tomorrow will be too.

-Hope xoxo