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What the actual fuck.

Well hi, many new followers and people who apparently really enjoyed my poem that I posted early today. How’s it going? I know my day has gotten significantly better now. Thanks for following, really appreciate it! I’ll be posting another poem tomorrow morning hopefully so look out for that and yeah. Thanks! 🙂

-Hope xoxo


How do I keep getting more followers? All I do is rant.

So a far less exciting day occured today. Second day of school at university and I mean it definitely wasn’t awful, it was just odd. Odd because I felt getting comfortable at SDSU. Sure everything is still new and most everyone is still unfamiliar, but the few people that I recognize are very comforting presences and I’m slowly starting to understand where my classes are, how professors at a university work, who my fellow freshmen are, etc etc. It’s all very exciting, but in a slow building kind of excitement.

You know how your arms hurt after you hold them out for a long period, but it doesn’t hurt when you first start out. Now just change the pain you feel to my excitement and place that feeling in the middle of your chest and that’s where I can feel mine. I am continually finding myself being pleasantly surprised by how excited I am to start this journey into my chosen field of reading, writing, and awesomeness.

Alright, I’m actually very tired, so I’ll write more in the morning. Goodnight, No One, sleep well.


-Hope xoxo