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Cinderella | A Movie Review

So let’s just start out with my overall rating of this movie; a solid 7 out of 10.

I was overall very pleased with this remake of one of my favorite Disney princesses and it didn’t receive higher marks not because it was awful in some areas, but because it was lacking in others. Let me explain what I mean by 7 out of 10.

To begin with, Cate Blanchet, the evil Step Mother, absolutely stole the entire movie. For the first time we receive some background, character development for her character and I loved the way my hatred for her grew as the movie progressed. Honestly, she was truly phenomenal. It was the fact that she stole the show and not the actress who played Cinderella that is a problematic point for me.

Don’t get me wrong, Lily James, did a splendid job and the script behind her was perfect, but there was nothing stupendous about her performance. She did a brilliant job of portraying such an iconically “perfect” princess, but in this remake I didn’t feel like there was enough contrast between the original view of the character (that is who we all know as Cinderella) and the remade version of her (this movie). I enjoyed her performance nonetheless and I think she is a marvelous actress, but I suppose I wish the new writers had given us another dimension of her character.

For example, in Maleficient, we truly liked Maleficient by the end in comparison to the original version where we hated her. I wish I could have been able to think about Cinderella a little more complexly afterwards like I was forced to in the case of Maleficient.

Continuing on, Richard Madden, or Prince Kit, was fantastic. He had such a cute, dorky smile on throughout the whole film that made it practically impossible not to fall in love with him too.

The script overall kept very true to the original plot, themes, and motifs and nicely integrated the iconic songs of Cinderella into the script without it becoming a musical. Again, nicely well done.

The special effects were insane. My mind was fucking blown during the transformation scene when Helena Bottom Carter (the fairy godmother) was granting all of Cinderella’s wishes. A beautiful scene with excellent editing, costuming, special effects, and lighting. I couldn’t help but smile as I watched the exemplary scene take place that once transfixed my younger mind when I watched the cartoon.

Honestly, my No One, it was such a great film. If you get the chance, I highly recommend you go and see it, it isn’t just for kids.

-Hope xoxo

Doesn't he have the dorkiest of dorky smiles? :)

Doesn’t he have the dorkiest of dorky smiles? 🙂


Abandonment Issues.

I can hardly breathe.

My lungs feel like they’re collapsing in on themselves

I hate the feeling.


I can hardly think

My thoughts focusing and refocusing on your absence

Like the focus of a camera

I miss your presence.


I can hardly see

Through the tears that well up in my eyes

Uncontrollable pain

As my heart is ripped apart from itself.

I can’t do this.



But you’re leaving.

All of you.

You’re all leaving




Don’t go, I don’t know

When I’ll see you again

If I’ll see you again

Looking the way you do

Full of life and a fire behind those eyes.


Don’t leave me

I can’t do this again.


And you’re gone.

And I’m here.


Crying over the people I love

Hating them for making me so




-Hope xoxo


P.S. This is a very personal topic for me and it’s a very rough piece, but I’d appreciate some gentle critiques if any of you are willing to leave them. Thank you for reading this and I hope you aren’t judging me too harshly. It’s just been rough since Bobby left.

Binge Watching.

Yes that’s right. I’m binge watching tv shows again. Surprise surprise. But don’t think less of me, No One. I know that it probably isn’t healthy, but it is my truest belief that binge watching is really okay every now and then. It lets me escape from the real world for maybe a day or two.

I don’t know if I need to escape, but it sure does feel nice to.

For those interested, I’ve been watching Supernatural with my sister and Legend of Korra on my own and I CAN’T STOP. OH MY GOODNESS.

-Hope xoxo

me rn though

me rn though