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Super Exciting Stuff

Today has just been filled with absolute excitement from the beginning. First, my laptop crashed last night, so I’m taking it to Best Buy today after work. Woo. Party.

Second, work was busy in the morning and now quiet in the afternoon so I’ve blazed a fiery trail through some paperwork and filing to help a coworker. Crazy. Fucking. Shit.

Third, I finished my Netflix show I’ve been binge watching (Bates Motel) accidentally so I’ve been researching what show to start next. Riveting conversational points. I know.

Finally, I might go over to the new comic book store after work and get a new comic book to read at work tomorrow. Insanity.

It’s been a bit of an uneventful day, as you can tell (unless my sarcasm is too thick for you), which is both a good thing and well a boring thing.

I got some really great advice, however, when I went to visit my Grandma yesterday after work. She said in reference to me picking up a new hobby, “Well, you just gotta do it, Hope, if it’s what you want to do.” Thanks, Shia LeBouf Grandma. Thanks.


-Hope xoxo


Tired, Busy, but Happy

I really am all three.

Tired because I haven’t been getting as much sleep as I should have.

Busy because my entire life right now is school, work, band, and homework. I’ve barely been getting any down time, which I guess I should work on changing.

But yet, I’m really happy. A little stressed out, sure, but when I sleep I sleep hard and when I’m awake I have Starbucks and when I’m busy I don’t have time to be upset about the little things that might otherwise bother me.

I hope you had a great day, No One. I love you very very much.

-Hope xoxo


An Eventful 24 Hours

So the past twenty four hours have been very exciting and eventful. Many of you know that I am in a band and I had my usual Tuesday night rehearsal where I learned two new songs (it was rough, but we’re working on it) and just generally enjoyed my friends’ presences. That was all great and dandy, especially after a long day at work. But literally as I pulled into the garage after rehearsal Bobby called me and we got to talk for about fifteen minutes which was awesome. But the best part was by far near the end of the conversation he told me he might have a day or two off this weekend and that if I wanted to I could come up with his dad and stepmom and see him.

I didn’t even know that this would be possible let alone so close in my future so you can imagine how STOKED I WAS.

It took everything in me to not start crying when he told me and I’m still in complete disbelief that I might get to see him.

After that eventfulness, I busied myself with getting ready for bed and today and went to sleep. Then this morning I woke up at six in the morning to get ready for school. I got to my first class at 7:30, a full half hour before it even started, and got to my second class in plenty of time. Woo!

My first class (on Wednesdays) is my communications class which I’m not very excited about, but it is a requirement for all SDSU students to take so I guess I just have to get over it, even though I desperately don’t want to. My second class is Religious Studies 100: Exploring the Bible and I’m actually excited about this class after going to class today. My professor seems really nice and excited about the class so his enthusiasm is helping mine.

Other than all of that, I work from this afternoon and have some homework that I should do afterwards. But maybe this week won’t be too awful.

-Hope xoxo

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