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What the actual fuck.

Well hi, many new followers and people who apparently really enjoyed my poem that I posted early today. How’s it going? I know my day has gotten significantly better now. Thanks for following, really appreciate it! I’ll be posting another poem tomorrow morning hopefully so look out for that and yeah. Thanks! 🙂

-Hope xoxo


Yet Another Milestone

So last night we hit another milestone, No One. I made my 100th blog post onto “A Blog About Hope” which is exciting.

Screen Shot 2014-11-20 at 10.16.59 PM


And like I’m really proud of this, you little shits, it means we did something. Actually, I did something. You just sometimes read what I did which I mean is definitely cool, but you’re not doing the hard work.

Anyway, love you guys. Peace, one love, mother fuckers.

-Hope xoxo

I know I look like twelve, but shut up.

I know I look like twelve, but shut up.