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The Oxford Comma and Alcohol

It’s been one of those happy, ridiculous Thursdays, my No One. I think Thursday has become my favorite day of the work week. It’s almost Friday, I don’t have any school the next morning, and my sister and I get home at the same time. It’s always a fun time with her when we aren’t weeping about some dumb boy or talking shit out and tonight was no exception. We laugh and got some homework done together and drank a little, which always makes us a little more ridiculous than usual.

The little alcohol that we had caused us to get into a raging debate about the Oxford comma. I had recently just taught it to my dad sort of accidentally and he brought it up during dinner, saying that he had used it at work and recognized it as the thing that we had discussed previously. Hannah didn’t know what it was so I demonstrated and needless to say, I have an entire household behind me in my never ending propagation and use of the Oxford comma.

Our conversation was excited, hilarious, and about something that I’m passionate which honestly doesn’t really happen in my household. I’ve always been into reading, writing, and other various fine arts, while my family works almost exclusively in medicine. Most of our dinner conversations consist of a weird public health policy or some disease that all three of them know a lot about. Don’t get me wrong, it’s absolutely riveting conversation and love listening to my family be passionate about their day jobs, I just can’t really connect to it as much as I connect to my own passions. It was a pleasant change to be able to get involved in a conversation and basically lead it and teach them about it, since they had previously known nothing of the subject matter, much like myself and public health policies.

A turning of the tables, in a sense, and I’m very happy that I was able to enjoy it.

-Hope xoxo



This is a spoken word poem I wrote for my ENGL280 class, be nice and I hope you all enjoy the shit out of it

The 2014 San Diego State Take Back the Night walk hoped to draw attention to sexual violence and rape culture inside of fraternity activities. Peaceful protestors who walked down “frat” row, received obscenities yelled at them, dildos waved from windows, and eggs thrown from passing cars –

In that moment, I felt hated

sickening ooze cracked through thin membrane

dribbled down my face.

Hey bitch, you know you wanted it

Idiots hollered from their houses

we walked slowly –

let the yellow rape culture

clear embryo trickle down our cheeks.

Our moment of solidarity