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My best friend is back from bootcamp and safe. He’s changed and grown a lot, but he’s still the boy that I grew up with and the man I love.

Sorry I haven’t posted on here a lot recently, it’s just been really busy. Much love to all of you, No One.

-Hope xoxo

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Now I know it must seem like I never stop talking about how many goodbyes I’ve been having to make, but hopefully this was the last one. 

My best friend probably ever, Bobby, leaves for bootcamp on Monday and tonight was his Going Away party. I’ve only ever seen buddy get emotional so many times in my life, but never like tonight. It finally hit both of us that this is it- he’s leaving. I’m not going to have my best friend just down the street to talk to whenever I’m having a shitty day. He’s not going to have that weird blonde chick that he’s known his entire life wanting to hang out with him every second of the day. We are nothing alike, but we wouldn’t be the same people if we didn’t know each other. He has been my rock. The person I always go to when something just isn’t right. He taught me how to love myself again after my break up. He took me to prom and made that night so great. He told me to come over to his place so we could talk cuz my texts were sounding moody and upset. He taught me how to ride a bike when I was eight. He taught me that rejection doesn’t have anything to do with me. He was my best friend when we started junior high school together and when we didn’t know anyone. He makes me laugh when I can feel the tears brimming. He encouraged me to start working out and having a healthier diet. He stayed my friend even when I wasn’t the best to him. He’s made God knows how many toasts to me and our friendship. 

We’ve had so many adventures and heartaches and drinks and laughs and cries and highs and lows together. And I mean, TOGETHER. And saying goodbye tonight just reminded me of all of those. 

I keep thinking about the quote from Harry Potter, “I open at the close”. Maybe J.K. doesn’t have to be talking about death. Maybe she’s talking about goodbyes and memories. All the memories made are remembered at the end of an era. A reminiscent sort of thought that probably won’t make sense to anyone besides me. 

I love you, Buddy, if you ever read this. I am so proud of you and I am so beyond grateful for our friendship. Please know that I will always love you and be proud of you, no matter where you go or what you do. And know that I will always be here for you- in ten years, in twenty, thirty, forty, fifty, sixty years I don’t care! You are my best friend. 


-Hope xoxo