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Dear WordPress Staff

Hey guys, listen, I love this site a lot, but I’m currently writing this at 11:03 pm on Saturday and I’m pretty freaking positive that the time stamp that will appear on my blog will state that I posted this on Sunday. I live in PST so if somehow you could adjust the time zone for my blog or tell me how to fix it I’d really appreciate it. Or, No One, if you know how to fix it please tell me how and I will love you forever!

-Hope xoxo

P.S. I’ll update you in the morning about the goings ons of today, don’t worry! 🙂

Being Dedicated

Okay, so let’s face it. It’s hard to commit.

To a project. To a friendship. To a relationship. To a book. To YouTube. To daily blogging. To school. To college. To God. To clubs. To whatever!

And I’m just speaking from personal experience! I can’t imagine some of the shit you must have been through, No One.

But I’ve been dedicated to being dedicated for a long time now to many different things, and I’m really proud of how I’ve been able to keep at things.

My tips for staying dedicated are pretty simple and clear, but it never hurts to hear them anyway:

  • Remind yourself why you’re doing it. Reasons like “Everyone else is doing it” and “I feel like I should” are definitely iffy reasons and should be reconsidered to find better reasons. On the other hand, reasons like, “I want to get better at this” or “It will help me grow in this area of life” are better reasons to have!
  • Celebrate the little victories. If you’re struggling with being dedicated to college, celebrate and congratulate yourself when you finishing reading a chapter for a class. If you’re struggling to be dedicated to God, pat yourself on the back when you take a minute out of your day to pray.
  • Live in the moment. When it comes to dedication in relationships and friendships or writing books or doing homework, don’t think about the past or the future (even for a just a little bit) and enjoy the moment with that person or that thing and let yourself forget about everything else. Let it wash over you and revel in it. Then when the moment is passed and you’re back to feeling like you want to give up, go back to that happy moment. (This excludes abusive relationships obviously)
  • Be proud of yourself. Even if you’ve just finished writing a thousand words or you went to that club meeting that you didn’t really want to go to but you did, then be happy about it! Tell people that you went out and did a thing and trust me, people will be proud and happy for you. When you tell people about the going ons in your life, not only will they get invested in the thing, but you will be too!
  • Spend time with the thing. The more time that you spend doing something or being with someone, the more emotionally invested you’ll be in it. This investment can and will transfer over into hardwork and dedication because you want the thing to work out because of all of that emotional investment. Spending time can be as little as five minutes of writing when you have some free time or ten minute phone conversation to check up with someone.

See these things. These are good things. I think the biggest thing to being dedicated is the amount of time you allocate toward it. The more time, then the more dedicated you’ll be and hopefully the happier you’ll be. We all suck sometimes and that might deter us from committment to things that might be really great for us. But today, I’m telling you. GO DO THE THING.

-Hope xoxo

rawr. fancy black and white.

rawr. fancy black and white.

Ghouls, Witches, and LBDs

So guess what? IT’S HALLOWEEN. As if you didn’t already know that from social media and well your general calender.

Halloween is one of my favorite holidays, if not my favorite.

I love the spookiness of it all, the little kids running around being their dreams, the color scheme of black and orange and pinstrips, the chill in the air.

Halloween is one of the few days that everyone and I mean EVERYONE gets to cosplay as the person or character they love.

Right now I’m not elegantly dressed up because, yes, I didn’t want to be looked at funny at school. There’s a large chunk of people dressed up today at SDSU, but just not enough to make me feel comfortable. However, I am dressed in Halloween-y attire. As in, I’m wearing one of my favorite little black dresses, sparkly ballet flats, black and white pinstrip bow, and a bright orange jacket. I’m one of those professional Halloween-ers.

Tonight I am going to two Halloween parties and I’m going as a twenties flapper (BECAUSE FEMINISM) and I can’t tell you how fucking pumped I am for that.

fuck yeah

And goddammit I feel pretty damn cute right now too which makes me also excited and happy and just AGH HALLOWEEN!

me as I'm writing this.

me as I’m writing this.

I sincerely hope your Halloween is going well and if it is not I’m going to leave my favorite Halloween/ spooky movies below for you to enjoy and get you feeling more Halloween-y.

-Hope xoxo

  1. Rocky Horror Picture Show (definitely if you’re into being confused, delighted, and sung to)
  2. Nightmare Before Christmas (because everyone needs more Jack Skellington)
  3. Hocus Pocus (it’s a classic so don’t even)
  4. Halloween Town (throwback to classic Disney live action movies)
  5. It’s The Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown (I mean, really)
  6. Poltergeist (supa scawy)


So I’m guessing by the unusual amount of likes on my last post, that you all enjoy writing tips. Well that’s cool. I have a couple. Maybe I’ll share them with you another day, but today I’m gonna complain.

Yesterday I got back my novel from a professor who I gave it to so I could get some advice and I sure got a lot of advice.

It wasn’t like intentionally hurtful and I definitely can see where he is coming from with all of his critiques but God damn did that shit hurt and kinda embarrass me as we went over it together. It’s like being told the sixty pages of my FUCKING SOUL needed a lot of work because let’s face it they aren’t that great. I mean I have a great idea and I’m good with words, but the pacing and the characters and what is going on is too slow, too many, and too much.

And being told that hurts. It embarrasses me that this amazing man took time out of his schedule to be kinda brought down.

But you know what?

I needed it. I needed to be corrected. I needed to know what was wrong. I needed to know how to fix it. I needed him to kind of slap me in the gentle way that he did.

So I’m going to be extremely busy writing and rewriting my novel for the next week or so. I don’t know how much time I’m going to have for anything but fixing it and homework. So I’m sorry if I fail to post anything of value. I’ll probably be adding a short story to my new SHORT STORY PAGEEE so look out for that tomorrow or Saturday. And yeah.

Thank you guys so much for support. I know you’re a small community, but if you could send some positive vibes, prayers, hymns, dances, or whatever my way I’d really appreciate it.

-Hope xoxo

DFTBA bitches

DFTBA bitches

Writing Advice

God knows, I am not a professional writer. Not yet, anyway. I’ve been writing and rewriting the same novel for five years now and I’ve only had a couple dozen works published.

But I’d like to think I have some tricks up my sleeve and today I wanted to share those tricks with you, No One, if you need any help.

Well, if you’re starting a completely new story, you have to think about what style you want it to be. I personally think style and form are two of the most important parts. So do you want it to be a narrative? Maybe diary entries? First person? Third person omnipotent? Third person commentator? Third person limited? Short sentences? Lengthy borderline run on sentences? Dialogue driven? Detail oriented? Iambic pentameter? Villanelle? Sestina? Sonnet? Free form? How do you want your reader to see your story?

(If you do not know what one of the words I used above was, please look it up.)

Next, develop your protagonist. But not in the story, not yet. Develop them in some notes. Either hand scrawled on a Post It Note or like me in a binder with pages upon pages of detailed explanation. Now develop your antagonist or antagonizing force. Do the same thing as you did before.

Next, I usually develop the scene in the story. Usually, this is the first bit I actually write down and use and it’s also my favorite part. A scene tells us everything about the mood and how we should feel, so do a good job of detailing it. Don’t be lengthy, and only show me certain things that are vital to the story and the setting.

Now you can probably start your story! Try to use dialogue when you have two characters together. Show me, don’t tell me what they’re thinking.

Don’t forget to have a message that you want your story to present. You can be as simple as “good always trumps evil” (see Harry Potter) or “Dad, don’t die on me. I love you and you need to push through this” (see “Do Not Go Gentle Into That Good Night”).

Be creative! You don’t have to follow my outline if you don’t want to. This is just my personal process and how I push through any potential writers’ block.

Also if you’re stuck somewhere in your novel or a big piece like that, reread the last bit that you wrote and then add a thousand words. I don’t care if it is absolute shit. Write a thousand words and edit it in the morning.

I believe in you, No One. Go do something bad ass and write.

-Hope xoxo

Han Solo

My bad

Sorry, I didn’t post last night. i had a very busy day and was super tired when I came home.

Last night was my last time hanging out with the youth group (the time before was the last youth group) at the beach with everyone and it was just a very lovely time getting to be back with the Lord and all of my friends in one of the most beautiful places I know of- La Jolla Shores. And immediately following (mind you it’s nine o’clock at night after a full day of being up and running around campus) I went over to my best friend’s house (the one that took me to prom if you’ve been following me for that long) and talked to him for a half hour or so. This was especially draining not because he takes all of my energy, but because I’ve been getting very emotional around him lately. You see, he leaves for bootcamp in eleven days. And although he’s only being stationed in Camp Penalton, I will have such little communication to him and he’ll be growing up and maturing into what he’s always wanted to be- a Marine. I’m so ridiculously proud of him, but he’s been my closest friend since before I can even remember. Our friendaversary is even coming up on the twelfth on September; it’s been fourteen years of amazing, childish friendship and I know he’s going to be my friend for life, but I’m just scared. Hopefully, just a reasonable amount of scared. No One, have you ever experienced something like this? I need help, man, I don’t know who to talk about all of this. I’ve mentioned it to him

before, but he doesn’t really like to talk about it, to be frank. I think it makes him more sad than what he’s willing to admit to anyone let alone me.

I don’t know, I shouldn’t complain. I just need to pray he comes back to me.