I am perpetually needy. That person that needs constant affirmation and attention. Some might say it’s a problem of mine as far as my intimate relationships go, but I’m trying to see it not as a problem but one of capabilities instead.

I want to talk to my boyfriend as much as I can, not out of jealousy, but because I love hearing from him and I feel close to him when I see a text from him. Because some times we go days without seeing each other and it gets hard. We’ve been spoiled in that sense, the longest we’ve gone without seeing each other has been 5 days. But nonetheless, when I have to go without seeing him, I get needy. I have demands.

Text me when you get home.

I miss you, tell me about your day.

Baaaaaaabeeee love meeee

Are some of the frequent messages he gets from me.

How can I help it? He’s kind of my other half and I feel weak or unfeminist for saying that but it’s how I feel. I’m still a full person, but goddam does he make me feel alive and I love him for that and I want to talk him.

So I’m needy.


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