Feeling Crazy for Feeling Crazy

Do you ever feel like that? Today I was definitely feeling it. Maybe it’s just the people that I was with, but something just wasn’t clicking today and I felt very excluded and confused. Was it my own doing? Is this even a real thing? No one else seems to be acting like I should be taking all of this personally, yet here I am – taking it personally. I just wanted to be home, all day, but I wasn’t until around eight o’clock tonight. Which yeah, fucking pissed me off. I hate feeling stuck in not the most comfortable of situations and I just wanted to be home. And now that I am home, I’ve been studying for a midterm that I have tomorrow.

I just fucking need a hug, No One. I don’t know why today has been so not okay, but it was and I just want someone to tell me it’s okay for feeling upset, yet no one has validated my feelings.

I just want to be alone for a week without anything to do and anyone to talk to. Then I’d be okay.

-Hope xoxo



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