In A Constant State of Confusion

As always, I seem to have found myself trapped in a state of confusion. Today I visited my favorite coffee shop after work to get some tea and relax after a long day and one of my friends/ baristas was working. We talked while I ordered my tea and he brought up going to the beach together. I’d messaged him a couple of weeks back via Instagram direct asking him if he’d like to go because I knew that he liked the beach and I was going by myself, so why not bring someone else, but I hadn’t really thought anything of it. He respectfully declined that time and asked for a rain check and today he brought it up out of the blue and asked if we could go. I said sure and we’re planning on going on Friday morning before we both have work.

Normal right?

It wasn’t until after my tea was steeping that he said, “What are you doing right now? Are you going anywhere?”

I responded no, because I wasn’t. I was planning on just sitting and enjoying my tea and some alone time, mind you. Then he said, “Okay, well I just got off. Why don’t you sit down and let’s catch up.”

I naturally obliged, mildly perplexed that he honestly wanted to sit down and chat with me, but then we did!

For like two fucking hours.

And the weirdest thing was I really enjoyed myself. He’s a really funny guy and pretty open once you get him going. We surprisingly have a lot in common and he’s just a delightful person to be around.

So we’re hanging out on Friday morning, but he wants to also hang out again either before or after that to watch the Die Hard series together because he was furious that I’ve never seen them and I honestly can’t wait, but at the same time I’m very confused. I can’t tell if I like this cracker just as a friend, as an individual, or as anything else. I guess I’ll find out in due time, but shit man I had a good fucking time tonight with him.

-Hope xoxo

im in a glass case of emotion


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